Wodka Gorbatschow

Wodka Gorbatschow sets standards with the quadruple cold filtration. This process not only achieves an exceptional purity and unique, mild taste, but also underlines the tradition of aiming for maximum product quality. And that is exactly what makes it the absolute number 1 on the German vodka market.


Not too sweet, not too bitter and only natural ingredients. This is the recipe for success used by Hugo Kümmerling at the end of the 1930s to develop this semi-bitter, which still represents values such as friendliness, honesty and reliability today. Liquorice, cinnamon bark, cloves, angelica root and spearmint are just some of the nuances of the very secret recipe that still makes Kuemmerling so popular.


Genuine overseas rum: Gold coloured, with an exquisite aroma and rich bouquet. The name Pott has been a guarantee for maximum quality and distinctive taste sensations amongst discerning connoisseurs since 1848.

Mangaroca Batida de Côco

"Batida" is the Brazilian name for their refreshing mixed drinks with lots of taste and little alcohol. And they are just as much part of Brazil as the Samba or Rumba. Mangaroca Batida de Côco is a firm favourite. The taste of coconut gives it the exceptional aroma and is an essential element in numerous cocktail creations. Always chilled, always a classic.

Cardenal Mendoza

Sanchez Romate in Jerez de la Frontera is home to the Spanish brand with a more than two-hundred year family tradition. Cardenal Mendoza has been produced using the traditional Solera method since 1887 and has long enjoyed an exceptional reputation amonst brandy fans.

Fürst Bismarck

Otto Fürst von Bismarck not only wrote German history but also continued the Bismark family's Korn distillery, which has existed since 1799. Fürst Bismarck Korn Schnapps is the epitome of a German Korn Schnapps in brand premium quality and represents tradition and a zest for life. Connoisseurs appreciate its clarity and its unmistakably pure and mild character. Its appearance is very regal too: The dark green, rectangular bottle with the portrait of Otto Fürst von Bismarck, the so-called "iron chancellor" and the family coat of arms fired into the bottle.

Jacobi 1880

In Swabian Weinstadt, Jacob Jacobi founded the private wine distillery in 1880. The Jacobi 1880 brand has combined tradition and history in a special taste sensation ever since. The above-average maturing time in small Limousin oak barrels gives this premium brandy the V.S.O.P. distinction, and provides an unadulterated taste and extra mild enjoyment. The unmistakable bottle shape has long become its trademark.

Scharlachberg Meisterspirituose

In 1898 a small cellar in Bingen am Rhein starts to produce brandy from the region's best wines and conquers the German spirits market in the shortest possible time. A convincing alternative to expensive imports from France comes onto the market for the first time in 1920 under the name Scharlachberg Meisterbrand. The excellent quality, its fine bouquet and a harmonious full flavour quickly make it the most popular product in its segment. Careful production adding premium wine distillates ensure that this success continues. Scharlachberg has belonged to Henkell Freixenet since 2004.


Traditionally and following the old recipe, Stern-Marke is produced from alcohol and wine distillates. Loyal connoisseurs appreciate the fine, rounded bouquet and the mild, harmonious taste with 26 % vol. Stern-Marke is particularly popular in northern Germany, where no spirit shelf is without it.

Mangaroca Cachaça

Cachaça is the pure essence of Brazilian drinking culture and joie de vivre. And is a genuine national beverage. The Brazilians love their cachaça even more than the Russians their vodka, the Mexicans their tequila or the Italians their grappa. Distilled directly from the juice of sugar beet. The result: A characteristic mild taste and unmistakable aroma. Distilled in Brazil and filled into bottles according to European quality standards, Mangaroca Cachaça has adopted a solid position in gastronomy, where it gives lots of mixed drinks a dash of the South American exotic.


The clear high-proof with a young image. Only natural ingredients are used for production. Juniper berries, herbs and spices give it the characteristic taste – however the recipe is a closely guarded secret. Simply a genuine classic: Whether pure, for mixed drinks or ready to drink as Gin&Tonic.

Karpatské brandy

Its name reveals its origin. The exquisite wine distillates, which mature into real masterpieces in oak barrels, come from the Slovakian Carpathians. Its fine fuit and vanilla aromas make it so popular amongst connoisseurs.

The Limited Editions of the premium brandy are particularly exquisite: Karpatské Brandy Special and Karpatské Brandy Exclusive, which mature into the final product in five and seven years respectively. Karpatské Brandy is the market leader in Slovakia and predominantly available on the Slovakian market.