An experience for all the senses – traditional bottle fermentation


Sektmanufaktur at Henkell & Co.’s headquarters in Wiesbaden

You can sense the passion for Sekt throughout the Henkell & Co. cellars in Wiesbaden, where excellent craftsmanship has been cultivated and pioneered since time immemorial. Now, the new Sektmanufaktur at Henkell & Co.’s historic headquarters has opened its doors to the public on 11th May 2017. "With the opening of the Sektmanufaktur, we want to bring to life the craft of sparkling wine production for our visitors," emphasises Dr Andreas Brokemper, spokesman for the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe Board of Directors. An experience for all the senses that puts the cellar’s high-quality products, as well as the traditional bottle-fermentation production process, centre stage.

Making the crafting process visible

Visitors to the Sektmanufaktur can experience real-life production at close quarters: after adding the tirage, and subsequent bottle fermentation, the bottles are placed in riddling racks. By constantly rotating (riddling) the bottles, the yeast descends into the neck. The subsequent ice bath, which freezes the yeast into a plug just beneath the crown cap so it can be removed (disgorged), is an impressive spectacle. The filling dosage gives the champagne the desired taste, before the cork is inserted and the muselet added to hold it in place. Now, the consumer can look forward to the effervescent enjoyment of a delicious Sekt.

Young, highly qualified Head of Oenology at Sektmanufaktur

Manuella Webber Witt, Head of Oenology at the Sektmanufaktur, is passionate about traditional craftsmanship. After spending time in Australia and the Champagne region before attaining her PhD, the oenologist was active in scientific research at the University of Geisenheim. Since 2015, she has devoted herself entirely to the maintenance and expansion of traditional bottle fermentation at the Henkell & Co. headquarters. She is in creative dialogue with her French colleague, Nicolas Jaeger, the award-winning cellar master at Champagne Alfred Gratien in Epernay.

Creativity centre for events and more

At the heart of Sektmanufaktur is the "creativity cube", equipped with modern communication islands, an open kitchen and the latest audio-visual technology. The glass cube offers the ideal setting for tastings, events and creative workshops on Sekt and wine. "With the opening of the ‘glass’ Sektmanufaktur, we have highlighted our passion for Sekt and the expansion of our premium range," explains Dr Andreas Brokemper. A pleasure for all the senses.

An exciting new attraction, the Sektmanufaktur

From now on, the Sektmanufaktur and its "creativity cube" will be a fascinating addition to Henkell & Co.’s palette of visitor attractions at its Wiesbaden headquarters. With its extended range of cellar tours including tastings, and the Henkell Shop with sparkling-wine specialties from the internationally renowned wine-growing regions of Europe, it’s an open house for any friend of Sekt. A true pleasure for all the senses. Making Life Sparkle!

Cellar tours

  • At-a-glance tour, indulgence tour, “traditional bottle fermentation” tour, "Pearls of Europe" tour 
  • Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm by appointment and Saturday by appointment
  • Register online, by phone or email. More information at
  • New: tour open to the public, every Saturday at 12pm; also at 12.30pm in the main season (reservations exclusively through Wiesbaden Marketing)

Henkell Shop

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm. From June to September also from 12am to 6pm

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