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Henkell Freixenet at Bar Convent Berlin 2019

Shake it, mix it, drink it! That’s the slogan at Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) 2019, the world’s largest trade fair for the bar and spirits industries, where Henkell Freixenet will be presenting its high-quality products at attention-grabbing brand booths from 7 - 9 October.

Cocktails with a little coconut kick at the Mangaroca Batida stand, the exclusive special edition of Wodka Gorbatschow, Kuemmerling, the cult classic, and the award-winning newcomer OTTO Crafted Korn with signature cocktails as well as the fruity Schloss Gin. With its myriad brands, Henkell Freixenet invites you to visit booths 7-A23 and 7-B26 in Hall 7 to experience the company’s products up close and personal.

Mangaroca Batida: Brazilian flair in the big city

Mangaroca Batida is a cult-classic coconut liqueur that is highly popular with cocktail lovers and is produced according to an original Brazilian recipe. In the past two years, the brand has enjoyed double-digit growth in sales revenue and volume, plus a brand recognition rate of over 80% ( A steadily rising repeat buy rate of more than 14% underscores consumers’ loyalty to this popular coconut liqueur. At BCB 2019, the public’s favourite will also show its great mixability to the professionals.

Visitors of the trade show will have the opportunity to taste both new and established cocktails made with the novelty Mangaroca Batida com Rum as well as the classic Mangaroca Batida de Coco. Drinks that will of course be included are the well-liked long drinks Mangaroca Batida de Coco and passion fruit, Mangaroca Batida de Coco and cherry juice as well as the signature drink Mangaroca Batida com Rum with tonic. Like last year, trade fair visitors will be able to experience “The Kiss of the Coconut” live at an attractively designed booth with an exotic and passionate Brazilian flair.

Wodka Gorbatschow: exclusive enjoyment

Ice cold, crystal clear and absolutely pure – that’s Wodka Gorbatschow. Germany’s most popular spirit (according to IRI Handelspanel) gets visitors in the mood for high-quality vodka with its stylish limited edition – whether straight or in tasty cocktail creations. Also in 2019 the classic Wodka Gorbatschow with 37% vol. will be released in a cool special edition design that has been voted on by the fans. The winning design of this year’s design competition is called “Broken Ice” and makes the traditional onion-domed bottle appear in all white, representing an ice cover with a jagged edge in shape of the familiar Wodka Gorbatschow dove.

Kuemmerling: the “edgy” cult classic

It’s at home around the world, wherever amiable people get together, and is enjoyed in a variety of creative rituals that makes the consumption a social experience – we are talking of none other than the cult classic herbal liqueur Kuemmerling. For years, this well-loved semi-sweet herbal bitter has been synonymous with values like friendship, honesty and reliability. Coming in a striking little square-bottomed 0.02 liter bottle1, it is at the same time the ‘rock star’ of the mini segment. Its unique taste stems from a top-secret recipe invented back in the late 1930s that uses all-natural ingredients. Not too sweet, not too bitter – “Kuemmerling: herbs with edge”.

OTTO Crafted Korn: signature drinks for the Korn of the year

Known for its extraordinary and robust bouquet of rye and fine wheat flavours and aromas with subtle woody notes, the award-winning OTTO appears with its own stand. The crafted Korn made by the Fürst Bismarck distillery was recently named “Korn of the Year” in this years Meiningers International Spirits Award competition. In their report, the judges panel noted that the honour was conferred upon this hand-bottled and numbered premium Korn primarily for its distinctively full flavour stemming from ageing in ash wood barrels2. The Korn of the Year and classic Fürst Bismarck are on hand for tastings and three signature drinks especially developed for OTTO will be created before visitors’ eyes by the bartending provider We Love Cocktails.

Schloss Gin: an award-winning London Dry-style craft distillate

The renowned Rheingau domain of Schloss Johannisberg, which is known for its Johannisberg wines that are loved worldwide, has created Schloss Gin, a masterpiece that lends quite a special touch to mixed drinks. With 44% alcohol content, Schloss Gin is a fine London Dry-style Gin made exclusively through re-distillation of botanicals. Its fruity notes derive from sun-ripened bitter oranges from the gardens of Johannisberg Palace. In 2018 Schloss Gin was named “Germany’s Best Gin” by the gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker online”.

1GFK, January/February 2017, abridged
2The Aroma Wheel scores: “Smell” category: Grain 5.5; “Taste” category: Grain 6.0. “Overall impression”: 5.5 for balance/harmony and 5.0 for body/fullness. The finish was rated at a scale value of 6.0. “Taste” category: 2.5 for wood ageing.

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