Riesling is King


Deinhard wines in a roaring new look

The lion insignia in Deinhard brand history

The ‘King of the Animals’ has had a special significance in the Deinhard family heritage, as founder Johann Friedrich Deinhard was born in 1772 in the family-run tavern ‘The Lion’. And the signet has been part of the brand history as well since 1876, symbolising the Deinhard winery and wines. The wines sold by Johann Friedrich when he first opened his wine shop in the city of Koblenz in 1794 were from the family’s vineyards in the Moselle region. Trademarked in 1876, the design of The Deinhard Lion has evolved over time, adorning the labels of Deinhard wares as a symbol of strength and the noble origins of the brand.

The modern lion

The Deinhard wine assortment is now sporting a refreshing, modern look in slim, lightweight glass bottles with a convenient screwcap. Vibrantly coloured-coded caps and capsules designate the four respective Riesling varieties, making them clearly distinguishable on wine shelves. The Deinhard Lion is the centre of attention in the strikingly artistic label in a ‘no-label’ look, featuring The Lion’s head with a triangle that represents change while recalling the traditional-steeped roots of the Deinhard brand in the triangular region outside Koblenz where the Rhine and Moselle rivers converge. While evoking the brand's venerable background, the eye-catching new design with boldly positioned trademark visually underscores the memorable Deinhard slogans of “Wines That Reign” and “Riesling Is King”.

Wines That Reign – Exquisite German Rieslings

German Riesling wines of unsurpassed flavour and extraordinary quality are the hallmarks of the Deinhard wine assortment. Starting with the fresh Deinhard Dry Riesling from the Rhine valley, this Riesling is characterised by exuberant apple, citrus and floral notes. Deinhard Green Label Riesling from the Moselle valley is a fruity semi-dry wine with notes of citrus and green apples. Deinhard Piesporter Riesling is a semi-dry Riesling from the famous wine town of Piesport on the Moselle river with seductively delicate hints of peach and apricot. The distinctive single vineyard Deinhard Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling rounds out the range: Cultivated in the famous Goldtröpfchen vineyard of Piesport along the banks of the Moselle, it is a favourite among lovers of sweeter wines for its diverse fruity richness. The updated look of these four elegant wines visually enhances communication of the brand's promise of quality.

Riesling is King: a unique grape variety

Germany is the motherland of Riesling, the flagship variety of German viniculture. This aromatic variety of greenish-yellow grapes is synonymous with German winemaking worldwide, known for its unique fruity acidity. The variety engenders differing, highly nuanced traits in wines depending on the area where it is cultivated. The first documented cultivation of Riesling in Germany's Upper Rhine Plain was as far back as 1435. Known as the home of the Riesling, Germany is still the number 1 producer of the grapes: over 45% of the worldwide Riesling production is "Made in Germany".

New website with more info on Deinhard wines

The four Rieslings will be available in stores in their new design in early August. In parallel, the Deinhard website is being packed with more information and interesting news about these internationally successful wines in a revamped version set to go live on 8 August. All key facts about the “Wines That Reign” can then be explored at www.deinhard.com

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