Rio 2016 Summer Games

Germany's hospitality house celebrates with Henkell


As a sparkling ambassador of enjoyment and glamour "made in Germany", Henkell will be a recognisable presence at the 'Deutsches Haus' (the German House) throughout the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

From 05th to 21st August, the German House at Barra Beach Blue Point will be the gathering spot for highcalibre guests including athletes, officials, media representatives and politicians. Talk shows will be hosted and daily press conferences held by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) against a beach backdrop with real Brazilian flair. In addition to boasting extraordinary architecture, the venue is ideally situated, with its central location making it a perfect pit stop between sports venues, tourist attractions and athlete housing. And Henkell is always on the scene whenever there is occasion to celebrate: for everything from winning medals to the numerous international receptions.

These are the 5th consecutive Games at which Henkell has been an official supporter of the German House. Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi – the popular sparkling wine brand has trotted the globe to raise glasses exclusively with German athletes. Not just there: Henkell is present all over the world, from Europe to North America and Australia – the leading export brand of German Sekt is enjoyed by consumers in more than 100 countries. Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep the corks popping through 20th August, when the German House closes its doors.


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