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A sparkling journey around the globe: Henkell Piccolo on tour

Henkell Piccolo on Tour


Henkell is sending its “little one”, the only genuine Piccolo, on a big journey: the first international campaign for Henkell’s 0.2l small bottle promises tingling moments around the globe with Germany's most-exported sparkling wine brand – moments to share with others. Because Henkell’s small format fits into every bag and stands for uncomplicated indulgence wherever you are. Henkell fans across the world are encouraged to take a photo of their favourite drink wherever life comes into contact with Henkell Piccolo – whether on a tour of the city, chilling on the beach while barbecuing with best friends, or simply chatting with a close friend on the balcony.

First international Piccolo promotion

“Piccolo on Tour” will be localised to suit numerous countries worldwide with original promotional activities from June 2019 to January 2020. All over the world, fans of sparkling wine are called upon to post their favourite Piccolo picture on social media with the #PiccoloOnTour hashtag during the summer time. Coveted prizes will be awarded to some lucky participants. The campaign will be supported worldwide by comprehensive communications activities – from marketing tools via PR to social-media and high-reach influencer coops.

Germany kicked off the international campaign in June with exclusive blogger partnerships. Simultaneously, Montenegro started its social media photo challenge. Three prominent local photographers will choose the winners.

Canada is joining in August with an extended prize contest, blogger partnerships and an in-store promotion to maximize reach. Brazil and Australia will also be participating and promoting #PiccoloOnTour with individual roll-outs.

Henkell – inventor of the Piccolo

The name Piccolo, familiar to everyone as a 0.2l small sparkling wine bottle, has been a Henkell trademark since 1935. The keen little waiter’s helper was the dominating advertising motif for Henkell Trocken Piccolo and lent its name to the successful 0.2l bottle. A love for sparkling wine despite tight purse strings in the 1950s and 60s led to a genuine Piccolo boom. Piccolo became the category name for this small bottle size. But the only true Piccolo is made by Henkell.

Participating countries

• Germany, mid-June - August
• Montenegro, mid-June - mid-July
• Canada & Brazil, August - September
• Australia, December - January 2020

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