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A tribute to quality at MUNDUS VINI: Henkell Freixenet is ‘Best Producer Sparkling Wines’

12 gold medals at the 28th MUNDUS VINI Spring Tasting 2021


Wiesbaden, March 2021 Henkell Freixenet, the world’s leading producer of sparkling wine, has every reason to raise a glass after winning the ‘Best Producer Sparkling Wines’ prize at the MUNDUS VINI Spring Tasting 2021. 12 of the coveted gold medals and 6 silver medals were also awarded to Henkell Freixenet products, and two products were even hailed as ‘Best of Show’ in their categories. Once again the jury was drawn to the premium quality of the Henkell Freixenet wines. The Fürst von Metternich sparkling wines made a particularly strong impression on the panel of experts, who awarded three gold medals to Germany’s number-one premium sparkling wine brand, along with the ‘Best of Show German Sekt’ to Fürst von Metternich Riesling Sekt Brut. Another double award winner, Champagne Alfred Gratien Brut, won both a gold medal and the ‘Best of Show Champagne Non-Vintage’ prize. “We are absolutely delighted to have received these fantastic tributes to the excellent quality of our products, especially the MUNDUS VINI Wine Trophy. And we are very proud, as the leading producer in this segment, to have been selected as ‘Best Producer Sparkling Wines’ by an independent jury of experts,” commented Jan Rock, Global Head of Corporate Communications at Henkell Freixenet.

The gold medal winners:


Henkell Blanc de Blancs • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20352)


Freixenet Cordon Negro Gran Seleccion Brut • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 101901EO) Freixenet Italian Wine Collection – Chianti • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20164)


Fürst von Metternich Chardonnay Sekt Dry • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 21020) Fürst von Metternich Riesling Sekt Extra Dry • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 21015) Fürst von Metternich Riesling Sekt Brut • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20328) • Best of Show German Sekt


2013 Alfred Gratien Cuvée Paradis • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20279) 2007 Alfred Gratien brut • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20256) 2014 Alfred Gratien Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 19340) Alfred Gratien Rosé brut • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20297) Alfred Gratien Brut • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 20293) • Best of Show Champagne Non-Vintage


Segura Viudas brut Reserva • MUNDUS VINI, GOLD (batch no. 101331)

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