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Henkell & Co.-Gruppe grows at home and abroad

  • Group’s revenue grows by 5%
  • Growth in Germany
  • Focus on premiumisation and internationalisation

5% growth in financial year 2017

Wiesbaden, 27th April 2017 – The Henkell & Co. Group closed the 2017 financial year with €526.5m revenue (€702.0m including taxes), meaning a revenue growth of 5.0%. Adjusted for exchange rates, this translates to a growth of 5.6% which continues the Henkell & Co. Group’s success from previous years.

Dr Andreas Brokemper, management spokesman, says, “Thanks to our focus on premium products and worldwide growth markets, we were able to attain steady growth rates both at home and abroad in 2017.”

In Germany, an increase of 4.2% took revenue to €156.9m with domestic business accounting for 29.8% of the Group’s overall revenue. Internationally, the business grew by 5.4% (or 6.3% once adjusted for currency fluctuations) to €369.6m. The key drivers of this growth were the brands Mionetto, Henkell and i heart WINES. The business in western Europe achieved double-digit growth, increasing by 12.8% to €151.4m. Outside Europe, Henkell & Co. grew by 5.9%, taking revenue to €63.5m; the strong performance of Mionetto Prosecco was the main contributor to this. Eastern European business saw a gentle contraction of 1.3%, corresponding to €154.8m, which is explained by the sale of the spirits division in the Czech Republic.

Progressive international growth

In Western Europe and overseas, the Group registered impressive growth, with Mionetto Prosecco and i heart WINES driving sales. Outside of Europe, the international core brands of Mionetto Prosecco and Henkell continued to perform well.

Business in eastern Europe was characterised by the strong subsidiaries Bohemia in the Czech Republic, Törley in Hungary and Hubert in Slovakia, each enjoying a market share of over 60% in its respective country.

Positive business trend in Germany

Domestic business saw positive development despite overall market stagnation. In the premium sparkling wine segment, Henkell & Co. claimed a market share of 53.6% with brands such as Fürst von Metternich, Mionetto and Menger-Krug. Fürst von Metternich Chardonnay contributed to this with double-digit growth. Germany’s leading premium sparkling wine brand will extend its portfolio this year with the new Black Edition of the Fürst von Metternich Riesling Brut- sold in a matt-black painted bottle. With the opening of the Sektmanufaktur (an area where you can see how sparkling wine is produced), the company is bringing the craft of traditional sparkling wine into the spotlight and will be allowing tens of thousands of visitors to experience it first-hand every year.

As Germany’s most-exported sparkling wine, Henkell also grew in its home market and gained traction during seasonal trading with a limited edition gold bottle, which was created in co-operation with the artist Robert Weber. Mionetto Prosecco also achieved double-digit growth. In the spirits segment, market leader Wodka Gorbatschow once again saw a slight increase. The coconut liqueur Mangaroca Batida de Côco, acquired by the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe in early 2017, saw above-average growth. The brand took centre stage with a new bottle design and exciting marketing activities such as sponsoring the TV series “The Bachelor” in Germany.

Employees and investments

With subsidiaries in 22 countries, the Group, with its headquarters in Wiesbaden have the ability to produce almost all varieties of sparkling wine, from German Sekt to Prosecco, Champagne, Crémant and Cava, and are market-leaders in numerous countries. The number of people employed by the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe grew to 1.934 in 2017 (from 1.922 in 2016). The Group invested €15m (up from €14m in 2016) in vineyards in the Czech Republic, the new Mionetto winery in Valdobbiadene, Italy, and the opening of the Sektmanufaktur at the Wiesbaden headquarters.


Henkell & Co.-Gruppe made a promising start to the new year. In the first quarter, it made considerable gains in all regions, including pleasing growth of its international core brands Henkell, Mionetto and i heart WINES. The Group is benefitting from the good general economic climate in Europe and the increasing popularity of sparkling wine worldwide.

In March 2018, Henkell & Co. signed an agreement to acquire 50.67% of Freixenet S.A.’s shares as well as signing an extensive, international cooperation agreement with the remaining shareholders. This step sees both companies joining forces to become a worldwide leading supplier in the sparkling wine sector. The acquisition of the shares is subject to approval by the antitrust authorities. In April this year, Henkell & Co. acquired a majority stake (75%) of the Lithuanian distribution specialist. Filipopolis, headquartered in Kaunas, is one of Lithuania’s leading importers and distributors of alcoholic beverages.

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