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Henkell gets a redesigned logo

Henkell gets a redesigned logo


A fresh appearance for a new year: Henkell will from now on present itself to the outside world with a modern, redesigned logo. The brand is staying true to its established 3D effect but accentuated by a clearer, more dynamic linear structure, reduced framework and a subtle change in font. The new design hints at the logo’s position on the golden foil capsule in an abstract, design-oriented manner. Like the logo, the horizontal stripe, developed in parallel for use on the bottle neck, is clearly analogous to Otto Henkell’s original 1925 idea – this is also the view of the bottle that will be seen when it is lying in an ice bucket.

Outer packaging and POS material in new design

The Henkell boxes will be given a new, attention-grabbing appearance from the third quarter of 2019. Optically appealing and with a freshened-up logo, it’s a real head turner and extends an invitation to indulge in sparkling wine with Henkell. The typical Henkell horizontal stripe is prominently placed on the outer packaging. Various background colours make it easier to differentiate the available variants and offer orientation at the POS. Additionally, all marketing materials such as gift packaging, tasting bars, sparkling wine chillers, flags etc. will be successively updated to reflect the new design.

From summer 2019, the entire world of Henkell will appear in the renewed design.

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