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What happens during disgorging a bottle? What sparkling hotspots are to be found in Perth, Copenhagen, Milan or Budapest? What sparkling wine cocktail shall I mix this evening? What is there to see in Épernay, France? Art and sparkling wine – how to combine the two?

Sparkling wine fans can find pearls of wisdom and intriguing news about their favourite drink on, a brand-new website in a stylish design. With its many tips, nuggets of information and news items all about these sparkling wine pearls, it is the international counterpart to the German website,

Come here to be inspired!

nyone looking for the perfect drink for a first date; or who wants to find out about the best places in Europe for celebrating with ice-cold sparkling wine; or is looking for seductive recipes containing, or as an accompaniment to, sparkling wine; or simply wants to know more about the differences between, for example, Sekt and Prosecco, Cava and Crémant has come to the right place. The comprehensive web presence entices visitors to browse a wealth of interesting news and useful information – charmingly rounded off with thrilling travel destinations, effective tips for your own creations, and information that is always up-to-date, such as the right way to plan a party.

Clear, varied, modern

The user-friendly navigation structure is easy to use because it is arranged in four main categories: Sparkling Facts, Lexicon, Lifestyle and News. The design is in line with modern web aesthetics. An emotive and attractive design vocabulary makes it a joy for visitors to surf between information and entertainment. Interesting facts as well as small and large secrets from the multifaceted world of sparkling wine are presented in a reader-friendly manner. Thanks to the modern web design, is a breeze to use on all devices – from desktop computers to smartphones via tablets.

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