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Strong impulses for international end-of-year business with Henkell & Co. Global


As part of the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe, Henkell & Co. Global offers sparkling wine, wine and spirits all around the world, which stand for unmatched quality, exciting innovation and sustainable brand communication. The Group’s broad assortment of products reflects current trends within the industry throughout the whole year. Exclusive products and attention-grabbing campaigns are now delivering extra impulses within the end-of-year business for Henkell & Co. Global:


A travel-retail exclusive: Henkell Cuvée Unique

An exclusive special edition by the Henkell brand will make the holiday season sparkle: Henkell Cuvée Unique is a premium-class blanc-de-blancs sparkling wine. The cuvee of finest German wines is produced through traditional bottle fermentation, and rests on the yeast for an extended time to allow its unique taste to develop fully. Its name and branding, consisting of a high-quality sleeve that elegantly adapts the brand’s characteristic design, instantly reveal that this is a very special Henkell creation. Henkell Cuvee Unique is available exclusively in Gebrüder Heinemann duty-free and travel-retail outlets from the end of November.

Canada: Sparkling Moments with Henkell on TV

A nationwide TV campaign is putting Henkell at the centre of Canadian consumers’ attention: “Create your own (sparkling) tradition” is the brand’s invitation to mark life’s big and small moments appropriately with Henkell. This consists of emotive 15-second clips produced specially for this campaign in the form of network associations or mock advisories, as well as lower thirds running on various partner networks such as Food, HGTV, ET Canada. Tailored to the subsequent programmes, they captivate viewers and whet their appetite for Henkell during the holiday period: “The following program may inspire you to add sparkle to your home. Viewer imagination is advised. Why not add sparkle to any occasion or celebration? It’s time to create your own tradition. Henkell. Sparkling moments since 1856.” (Mock Viewer Advisory for HGTV.) The TV campaign is extended through awareness-raising digital OOH campaigns in downtown Montreal.

Australia: Decjuba presents Henkell Blanc de Blancs

A shot of additional attention for the white bottle that has been newly launched in Australia: a co-operation with the popular Australian fashion brand Decjuba is diverting more young consumers’ attention towards Henkell Blanc de Blancs. The premium cuvee is easily recognisable on account of its unmistakeable white-lacquered bottle. Together with Decjuba, this is an eye-catcher: across the country, 100 stores are participating in activities and events that marry sparkling wine and fashion in exhilarating ways. Attractive prize draws with giveaways of Decjuba vouchers and accompanying social media activities support the market introduction.


Mionetto Montenegro Fashion Week

Prosecco meets fashion – Mionetto, the Prosecco with Italian charm and Mediterranean passion, has already established itself within the fashion world thanks to numerous co-operations. Now, the brand is making waves as the main sponsor of the Montenegro Fashion Week. Attention-grabbing events during the Fashion Week, such as a contest for fashion-design students, ensure all eyes are on Mionetto and make the sparkling drink centre of attention for a young, fashion-conscious audience. In doing so, the brand continues to target female, trend-conscious consumers and increases its presence in the fashion and lifestyle arena.


Top reviews for Schloss Johannisberg Riesling wines and 50° Riesling

At Schloss Johannisberg in Germany’s Rheingau region, the finest of all wine varieties are cultivated. The domain’s wines enjoy an excellent reputation amongst connoisseurs and experts from around the world. Now, this has been confirmed by reviews on This will convince consumers in time for the festive season: no fewer than ten wines from Schloss Johannisberg received extraordinary reviews from the internationally renowned expert and his team.

  • Schloss Johannisberger Trockenbeerenauslese Blaulack 2017: 99 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Beerenauslese Purpurlack 2017: 98 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Auslese Rosalack 2017: 97 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Spätlese Grünlack 2017: 96 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Silberlack GG 2017: 96 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Bronzelack 2017: 95 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Gelblack Feinherb 2017: 92 Score
  • Schloss Johannisberger Gelblack Trocken 2017: 91 Score
  • 50° Riesling Rheingau 2017: 90 Score
  • 50° Riesling Rheingau Trocken 2017: 89 Score

I heart YOU – Special Edition for heart-to-heart messages

A declaration of love made easy: with the special edition of I heart WINES, a few words say a lot. The fresh, likeable brand that is celebrating worldwide success puts the grape variety in the centre of attention. With I heart YOU, a new variant based on Cabernet Sauvignon is encouraging uncomplicated wine enjoyment. The special edition’s approachable design with its eye-catching i heart label is perfect for messages on extra-special occasions – from weddings to Valentine’s day. I heart YOU is initially available exclusively within the Chinese market, where the brand has ascended to star status in a very short time.

  • Strong impulses for international end-of-year business with Henkell & Co. Global

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  • Schloss Johannisberger Trockenbeerenauslese Blaulack 2017

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