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Winter Games in PyeongChang

The German House celebrated with Henkell


As a world-famous mascot of pleasure and lust for life that sparkles with German quality, Henkell was present in PyeongChang / South Korea in the German House. From 9th to 25th February 2018, the German House in the BirchHill Golf Club in the Yong Pyong Resort, above the mountains of PyeongChang, was the place where high-calibre audience, officials, media representatives, business representatives and politicians met. This was very close to the competitive action, the talk shows and the daily press conferences of the DOSB, Germany’s Olympic body – all emanating a wintery flair. The location was ideal: it spoilt guests with panoramic views of the ski-jumping hill’s silhouette in the “Alpensia Jumping Park”, one of the scenes of the action. It’s hard to think of a place that was more at the heart of the games.

Official Sparkling-Wine Partner of the German House

For the 6th time in a row, Henkell was an official supporter of the German House: Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sotchi and Rio – the popular sparkling wine has travelled to all of these places for the exclusive chance to clink glasses with the German medal-winners. But Henkell is always present worldwide when anyone holds a toast to life: whether in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia – the most-exported German sparkling-wine brand brings smiles to faces in over 100 countries.

Look how the Winter Games sparkled

The finger-crossing was worth it: with 14 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze medals, there were numerous occasions to let the corks fly. Luckily, the German House was well stocked: 1,500 bottles of Henkell Trocken were on standby in PyeongChang as an appropriate celebration of the world-beating performances. 100 double magnum winner bottles were waiting to be presented to German medal winners. From the beginning until the final sprint of these Winter Games, there had been many big and small sparkling moments! Our fingers were firmly crossed for everyone who had to make their way to the starting line. Henkell said: best of luck!

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