Discover our pop-up sparkling wine factory in the Henkell Freixenet shop!

How do the pearls get into the sparkling wine, and what does a freshly degorged sparkling wine taste like? Whoever always wanted to know this, now has the opportunity to do just this in the Henkell Freixenet shop: We invite you to experience artisan sparkling wine production with Menger-Krug with all your senses, manufactured in accordance with traditional bottle fermentation.

As a visitor, you will experience disgorging of the exclusive Menger-Krug cuvées up close and in person, and you will be present at the artisan production of each single bottle – from the yeast extraction of the raw sparkling wine after the second fermentation, right up to the individual features in a modern design. The fine sparkling wines without the addition of a dosage are characterised by a delicate aroma that is influenced by the yeast – "pure" sparkling wine enjoyment that, needless to say, can also be tasted directly on site. The freshly degorged Menger-Krug cuvées can also be purchased (exclusively) on site. With a noble, customised label as a bottle tag, which leaves room for your personal message, it becomes a truly special gift that comes from the heart.

Here you will find further information and the opening hours of the Henkell Freixenet shop in Wiesbaden.