We love what we do.

We have nearly 3,500 employees worldwide. All of them have one thing in common: We are passionate about the idea of bringing pleasure, fascination and pure joie de vivre to the whole world. We are a market leader for sparkling wine. And we are a team.

Who we are

We are Henkell Freixenet, a successful family owned company that has been around for almost 200 years. We are the world’s leading sparkling wine producer strengthened by a wide range of wines and branded spirits. We live highest standards in quality and craftsmanship coupled with market and brand expertise. We are truly consumer focused and proud innovation leaders.

Business Year 2019

Key Figures 2019

Our mission / what we live for

We provide superior value to consumers to celebrate life’s small and big moments.

Our longterm vision/our daily motivation

We serve every tenth glass of sparkling wine in the world!

Our shared values:

Empowering each other

We cherish and respect colleagues and enable each other to become our own masters of success. We have interesting challenges and opportunities to grow for everybody.

Learn and be curious

We believe in curiosity - the thirst for new ideas, new solutions, new ways of working and to leverage opportunities. These new solutions may have entrepeneurial risks. Sometimes this leads to failure, which we accept as a learning. There is no fear of failure.

Consumer centricity

All our thinking and acting starts with the consumer. Our brands, products and processes must satisfy changing consumers needs. For this we have to be creative, open-minded and think differently.

Celebrate Life

We provide that moment of sparkle to celebrate life's big and small moments. And this sparkle is something we cultivate in our work environment as well.


"Henkell Freixenet" is one now. A new logo unites the alliance visually.


The Henkell & Co.-Gruppe takes over
50,67 % of shares in Freixenet S.A., Spain

Takeover of Filipopolis


Takeover of Mangaroca Batida de Côco


New business unit: Henkell & Co. Global

Complete takeover of Copestick/Murray, UK


Opening of the Henkell-Shop at the Wiesbaden site.


The Henkell & Co.-Gruppe takes over 60 % of shares in Copestick Murray, Witshire, UK. The "Pearls of Europe" are given their name.


Foundation of import and distribution companies in Latvia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Switzerland. Takeover of the Spanish Cava producer, Cavas Hill.


Takeover of the spirit brands Kuemmerling, Fürst Bismarck and Jacobi 1880.


Consistent with the company's new name "Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG", the Wiesbaden headquarters celebrate their 100-year anniversary.


Takeover of the Italian Prosecco cellar, Mionetto S.p.A.


175-year wine cellar anniversary of Henkell. Takeover of the Stolichniy sparkling wine cellar, Kiev, Ukraine.


The company celebrates 150 years of Henkell sparkling wine. Takeover of the spirit brands Pott Rum and Stern-Marke.


Takeover of the sales and brand rights of sparkling wine manufacture Menger-Krug as well as the Romanian sparkling wine market leader, S.C. Angelli Spumante & Aperitive s.r.l.


Takeover of the French sparkling wine and Champagne cellar Gratien & Meyer S.A.S. as well as the Slovakian sparkling wine producer Hubert J. E. s.r.o.


Takeover of the sparkling wine cellar, Deinhard AG.


Takeover of the Hungarian sparkling wine market leader, Törley Sektkellerei Kft. (formerly Hungarovin AG), Budapest.


Merger of Henkell & Co. and Söhnlein Rheingold AG, owned by the Bielefeld entrepreneur, Rudolf August Oetker, since 1958.


Introduction to the vodka business with takeover of Gorbatschow Wodka KG.


Johann Jacob Söhnlein establishes the Rheingauer Schaumweinfabrik, which becomes Söhnlein Rheingold AG in 1922.


Adam Henkell establishes a wine store in Mainz am Rhein. From 1856 he also produces sparkling wine – and the Henkell brand is born.