Wodka Gorbatschow

Smooth, clear and pure – those are the three essential attributes that characterise Wodka Gorbatschow. Characteristics that vodka connoisseurs have valued for decades. Gorbatschow vodka hast been a continuous success story ever since its launch in Berlin way back in 1921, and now is both the definite market leader and one of the best-performing spirits brands in Germany. To guarantee its outstanding quality & taste, Wodka Gorbatschow is made exclusively from top-quality products to begin with & undergoes a four-fold cold-filtration process. Wodka Gorbatschow – The true spirit of vodka!


Lubuski Gin is an aristocracy among gins because it belongs to the elite group of distilled gins, unlike many others commercially available, which are just aromatized. Gin Lubuski orginates from the Lubuski region, the land of the best conditions and perfect ecosystem for growing the highest quality juniper and herbs. Those ingredients are the key to the unique taste of Gin Lubuski. Simply open the bottle of Lubuski Gin and feel the richness of the natural aromas of juniper & herbs. Lubuski Gin Distilled from grain spirit with juniper berries and a carefully selected composition of herbs. Although it is based on the traditional recipe, it also follows modern trends. In Poland, Lubuski Gin is the best known and highly recommended brand of gin. Lubuski – Gin with 38 % vol.


Kuemmerling stands for long tradition and premium quality. The herbal liquor is one of the top 20 brands on the German spirits market, the undisputed leader in the small bottle segment since many years and exported to eight countries worldwide. The recipe is solely based on natural ingredients which characterize its unique taste; not too sweet and not too bitter. Liquorice, cinnamon bark, clove, garden angelica and crisp mint are only some of the examples of the herbs that shape the premium quality of KUEMMERLING. Small bottle. Big Fun. Kuemmerling is a herbal liqueur of the “Half-Bitter” category (i.e. it has a sugar content of over 100g/l) and belongs thereby to the more mild and sweet versions of the herbal liqueurs. Kuemmerling – Herbal liqueur with 35 % vol.


The aromatic and refreshing aperitif is characterized by an excellent composition of herbs and spices. The stylish label, slender bottle and esthetic design promise a unique taste. Totino relaxes and attracts like rays of Italian sunshine. Totino is perfect for meetings with friends. It guarantees good quality at a reasonable price. Try it and choose your favourite. Enjoy it!

Batida de Côco

Batida" is the Brazilian name for their refreshing mixed drinks with lots of taste and little alcohol. And they are just as much part of Brazil as the Samba or Rumba.