Schloss Johannisberg

From the world‘s finest late harvest to a modern classic: Schloss Johannisberg is located in the heart of the Rheingau winegrowing area, a landscape blessed both in terms of climate and soil. This region is the Motherland of  the Riesling grape. Schloss Johannisberg  has been exclusively cultivated Riesling for over 275 years. The worldwide Riesling renaissance has certainly added momentum of the rise of Schloss Johannisberg wines. Selective hand harvesting, whole cluster pressing, slow fermentation using the wine estate‘s own yeast culture, extended lees contact and late bottling result in wines that are second to none in the world.


A textbook cool climate Riesling Cuvée grown at the 50th Parallel North. Created to celebrate the Rheingau, a unique region and the motherland of Riesling. The 50th degree of latitude runs right through the middle of this unique region, marking one of the northernmost borders of viable viticulture. In honor of this, the winemakers of Schloss Johannisberg estate have created a Riesling cuvée what one expects of a Rheingau Riesling.


At Deinhard, quality results from more than 200 years of passion for wine with ever prevailing oenological diligence. Every single measure serves constant quality monitoring and enhancement. In terms of this philosophy for quality, the traversing of all steps to control winemaking commences in the vineyard, followed by the process of production with great accuracy, all the way to bottling and shipment to the customer. Deinhard wines delight wine lovers all around the world.

St. Stephan´s Crown

The Precious drops of noble Tokaji Aszú wines were already consumed by kings and the czars centuries ago. Louis XIV, the famous king of France named this excellent drink the “Wine of kings, king of wines“ (Vinum regum, rex vinorum). The crown of the first king of Hungary, the crown of St. Stephan, symbolizes the high quality of the wine. St. Stephan’s Crown’s 5-butt aszú wine originates from Hungary’s perhaps most well-known wine region, Tokaj-hegyalja. The wines of this region achieve an exceptionally high quality thanks to the volcanic soil, the unique microclimate which is unparalleled in the world, and the careful attention of those people who create these exceptional wines.

Chapel Hill Wines

Chapel Hill is not only a brand name, but also a collection of products that is able to fully satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers. Chapel Hill’s message is simple: quality starts in the vineyard and although a winery can add value, it cannot achieve quality by itself.

i heart WINES

i heart Wines is an exciting and innovative new wine range that injects a new buzz into wine brand development. Approaching the wine industry from a different angle has meant discarding the stuffy traditions of the wine world to create a brand that is full of energy and aimed at people who know what they love.