i heart WINES

A unique brand concept, already established on four continents, lets the hearts of young, modern wine fans beat faster. Amicable, fresh and uncomplicated, the grape variety is pushed into the limelight with this stylish bottle design. The striking and reduced design has a high recognition factor beyond all borders. Winning multiple awards for its innovative spirit, i heart WINES mainly attracts a younger, female target group.


Schloss Johannisberg

The first address for excellent Riesling wines. And not just in a figurative sense. Schloss Johannisberg was the first Riesling vineyard in the world. The late vintage and ice wine also originate here. The exceptional climate and the special soils produce exquisite Rieslings that are famous throughout the world for their distinguished quality.


A textbook cool climate Riesling Cuvée grown at the 50th Parallel North. Created to celebrate the Rheingau, a unique region and the motherland of Riesling. The 50th degree of latitude runs right through the middle of this unique region, marking one of the northernmost borders of viable viticulture. In honor of this, the winemakers of Schloss Johannisberg estate have created a Riesling cuvée what one expects of a Rheingau Riesling.


A 200-YEAR-HISTORY In 1794, Johann Friedrich Deinhard completed his business apprenticeship and founded a small wine shop in the ancient city of Koblenz. Located in central Germany, Koblenz was then and still being the gateway to the terraced vineyards and ruined castles, it was a hub for transport being situated at the merger of the Rhein and Mosel rivers. The first wines Johann sold, were Riesling from his parent’s vineyards in the Mosel Valley.

i heart WINES

i heart Wines is an exciting and innovative new wine range that injects a new buzz into wine brand development. Approaching the wine industry from a different angle has meant discarding the stuffy traditions of the wine world to create a brand that is full of energy and aimed at people who know what they love.