Adam Rosé

The roots of Henkell & Co.

More than 150 years ago, Adam Henkell from Mainz succeeded in combining the best of two worlds: a marriage of German craftsmanship with the French art of cuvée-making. Henkell had learned how to blend fine cuvées in Champagne, and he perfected their composition in Germany with superior craftsmanship. In 1856, he began producing outstanding Sekt that was soon enjoyed around the world, and to this day Henkell remains Germany’s leading export brand of Sekt. 

The best of two worlds, united

The best of two worlds, united In tribute to its founder Adam Henkell, the Henkell winery created a namesake premium Sekt: Adam Henkell – a sparkling wine made via the traditional bottle-fermentation method from an exquisite base of Chardonnay grapes from France’s classic wine-growing regions, uniquely uniting French winemaking finesse and German craftsmanship. The wines ferment in small oak barrels, followed by a period of batonnage or stirring up of the yeast, which gives this excellent Sekt an even greater richness. This is the starting point for handcraft manufacturing in the Sektmanufaktur at the Henkell & Co. headquarters. After the second fermentation, which takes place in the bottle, the wines stay in contact with the yeast for at least twelve months before being shaken down and disgorged, just as with Champagne.

  • Farbe: lachsfarben
  • Mousseux: feinperlig, lang anhaltend
  • Bukett: angenehm, mit Anklängen schwarzer Beeren
  • Geschmack: frisch und aromatisch, perfekt als Aperitif
  • Harmonie: vielfältig im Geschmack mit einem ausdrucksvollen Abgang
  • Rebsorte: Gamay
  • Herstellverfahren: Traditionelle Flaschengärung
  • Alkohol: 12,0 % vol
  • Dosage: 12 g/l (brut)
Header Adam Henkell Cardonnay