Fürst von Metternich Prestige-Cuvée Riesling Brut

A vineyard makes history

The origins of the Metternich-Winneburg family estate at Schloss Johannisberg, or Fürst von Metternich Winneburg’sche Domäne Schloss Johannisberg – the first Riesling vineyard in the world – date back over 900 years. In 1775, late-harvest, or “Spätlese”, wine was discovered here, laying the foundation for future success. The Austrian Emperor conferred the estate upon Clemens Wenzel Fürst von Metternich in 1816 in recognition of his service in achieving European peace. In 1930, the prince granted the right to make Sekt from Schloss Johannisberg wines to producer Söhnlein Rheingold. Today, Fürst von Metternich is Germany’s market leading premium Sekt.

A special edition made of vintage wines

A Sekt is only ever as good as the wine from which it is made. The grapes for Fürst von Metternich Prestige Edition Riesling derive exclusively from the renowned Rheingau domain of Schloss Johannisberg, and undergo the refined traditional bottle-fermentation process. The cellarmasters of Schloss Johannisberg devote their knowledge and skills year-round to overseeing and monitoring the crafting of the varietally pure Prestige Edition. Only the best-quality grapes are then gently pressed and processed. Aromatic flavours are optimally preserved through subsequent temperature-controlled maceration. Fürst von Metternich Prestige-Edition Riesling derives its minerality from the soil typical of the Rheingau, which yields sparkling and still wines of a character not found anywhere else in the world. The superior look of this special edition go beyond the already exclusive nature of the premium Fürst von Metternich brand.

  • Origin: Rheingau, Germany
  • Taste: fresh and fruity with a mineral acid structure and notes of peach and mirabelle
  • Varieties: 100 % Rheingau Riesling
  • Dosage: 8 –10 g/l brut
  • Manufacturing process: traditional bottle fermentation
  • Characteristic: made exclusively of selected Riesling vintages from the Rheingau domain of Schloss Johannisberg
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