Find out all about Henkell Freixenet, one of the world’s major wineries that produces sparkling wines, on a guided tour – and visit us in Wiesbaden. Marvel at the magnificent marble hall, discover the seven, subterranean floors of our wine cellar, admire the impressive 200,000 litre vats and take a peek over our shoulder in our production facilities. Every tour of the winery closes with a sparkling wine tasting. Our offer comprises four different tours so you can choose the experience that is right for you. We look forward to welcoming you at Henkell Freixenet in Wiesbaden and hope you enjoy your stay!

The Impressions Tour
5–50 participants | 45 minutes | 1 glass of sparkling wine | € 12.00 per person

The Impressions tour is the perfect tour for inquisitive minds who want to take a quick peek behind the scenes at Henkell Freixenet. The tour starts in the magnificent marble hall at our headquarters in Wiesbaden, where we will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine before continuing to our sparkling wine production facilities. Here, you will find out more about the fundamentals of making sparkling wine, including what characterises a cuvée and what “dosage” really means. The next stop on the Impressions tour takes us seven floors down into the depths of the Henkell Freixenet cellar, where you also will find the Sektmanufaktur, our modern, in-house sparkling wine manufactory, and get an impression of the craftsmanship that goes into traditional bottle fermentation. The Impressions tour ends with a visit to our Henkell Freixenet store, where you can shop to your heart’s content (excluding Sundays).

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The Experience Tour
5–25 participants | 90 minutes | 2 glasses of sparkling wine | € 18.00 per person

Our Experience tour takes you through Henkell Freixenet from top to bottom, giving you extensive insight into the company and our wide product range.

The Experience tour starts in the magnificent marble hall at our headquarters in Wiesbaden, where you will find out more about the history of Henkell Freixenet and get your first glimpse of our production facilities and product range.

Find out everything there is to know about sparkling wine production – from cuvée to dosage, from disgorging to traditional bottle fermentation. Have you always wanted to find out more about sparkling wine production, manufacture and bottling?  Then join us on the Experience tour as we make our way down to the seven floors of our cellar, which is also home to the Sektmanufaktur, our modern, in-house sparkling wine manufactory, where you get to experience the craftsmanship that goes into traditional bottle fermentation up close. The guided tour ends with a visit to our Henkell Freixenet store, where you can shop to your heart’s content (excluding Sundays).

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The Celebrate Life Tour
5–20 participants | 120 minutes | 3 glasses of sparkling wine | € 25.00 per person

Experience traditional sparkling wine craftsmanship on our Celebrate Life tour – including a very special event: a live demonstration of disgorgement. Here at Henkell Freixenet, we have always been passionate about manufacturing our sparkling wines according to traditional bottle fermentation methods, which we have maintained and continuously developed over the years. But how exactly do we turn selected grapes into delightful sparkling wines? Join the Celebrate Life tour and find out! 

The Celebrate Life tour starts in the magnificent marble hall at our headquarters in Wiesbaden. The next stop takes us seven floors down into the depths of our wine cellar, where you will find out everything there is to know about the different methods for manufacturing Sekt, Cava, Prosecco, Champagne and Crémant – a process you will be able to experience for yourself in the Sektmanufaktur, our in-house sparkling wine manufactory. Have you ever seen yeast freeze – right in the neck of a bottle of sparkling wine? This step is necessary to separate the yeast from the liquid and is known as “disgorging”. After this live demonstration of disgorgement, enjoy the freshly disgorged premium sparkling wine in its natural form. The Celebrate Life tour ends with a visit to our Henkell Freixenet store, where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Please note: The Celebrate Life tour can be booked on any day of the week, except Sundays. For more Sektmanufaktur specials and seminars, click here.

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Public Tours
Every Sat 12 p.m. | € 12 p.p. plus service charge

Exclusively available from:
Wiesbaden Tourist Information Marktplatz 1
65183 Wiesbaden
Tel.: +49 (0)611 17 29 930

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We want every guest to enjoy their stay as best possible. We would therefore like to point out that our premises are unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs.

  • Alcoholic sparkling wines are only served to persons age 16 and over.
  • We offer our tours Mondays to Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For a compact overview of our tours, please see our tour flyer.

Please note: During the tour, the official hygiene requirements for protection against Covid-19 are valid. Wearing a medical mouth-nose protection is required during the whole tour.

In order to make the visit as pleasant as possible for all guests, we would like to point out that our space is unfortunately not barrier-free. Unfortunately, elevator use is not possible on weekends.

Welcome to our sparkling wine manufactory at Henkell Freixenet in Wiesbaden at Biebricher Allee 142.

Here you will get exclusive insights into traditional sparkling wine manufacturing, experience the unique live disgorgement and have the exceptional opportunity to taste freshly disgorge sparkling wine with all your senses.

Celebrate with us modernity and tradition in its most tingling form. The sparkling wine factory is a place to marvel, discover and enjoy.

Get an overview of our varied seminars and events in our sparkling wine factory and book your appointment online right away.

We look forward to your visit!

Menger-Krug and Chocolate

We here at Henkell Freixenet love the craftsmanship that goes into sparkling wines and strive to achieve the greatest culinary delights in everything we do!  The Schell chocolate manufactory shares this passion. In this seminar at the Henkell Freixenet Sektmanufaktur in Wiesbaden, sparkling Menger-Krug wines from traditional bottle fermentation meet hand-made chocolates that have been conched for up to 72 hours.
Join us at the Sektmanufaktur as we discover how both products quite literally melt together, unfolding and intensifying exceptional aromas as they do.


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Pearls of Europe

Discover the diverse and international world of sparkling wines at the Henkell Freixenet Sektmanufaktur. Besides shooting stars such as Prosecco and Champagne, Cava and Crémant, the Pearls of Europe seminar at the Henkell Freixenet Sektmanufaktur invites you to try sparkling wine newcomers from less well-known wine-growing areas. Find out more about different manufacturing methods and the characteristics of each wine-growing area and learn how sensory evaluation can help you distinguish between the different styles. As a true highlight of the seminar, we will disgorge a sparkling wine live at our Henkell Freixenet Sektmanufaktur – an experience for all your senses.

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After work party: Mix up your summer!

Shake off the nine-to-five with a little flair, put your comfy clothes on, forget about work stress and start relaxing with us!
In our seminar, you can learn about the wide range of beverages that Henkell Freixenet has to offer. We will present six drinks, which you can enjoy as an aperitif or in cocktails. You can also savour our delightful beverages solo.
Experience your own “After work party: Mix up your summer!” seminar at the Sektmanufaktur with Henkell Freixenet in Wiesbaden and simply book your date of visit online.
The after-work special also includes mineral water, which is provided throughout the tasting, and a light snack during the event.
We look forward to welcoming you!

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What gives sparkling wine its bubbles and what does a freshly disgorged sparkling wine taste like? If you’ve ever asked yourself either of these questions, drop by the Henkell Freixenet store in Wiesbaden and find out: at our Pop-Up Sektmanufaktur, you are welcome to experience the craftsmanship that goes into making sparkling Menger-Krug wines according to traditional bottle fermentation methods – with all your senses. Visit us during the store’s regular opening hours and enjoy the delights our Pop-Up Sektmanufaktur has to offer.

Please note: Due to coronavirus-related restrictions, we unfortunately cannot currently offer a live demonstration of disgorgement at our Pop-Up Sektmanufaktur at the Henkell Freixenet store in Wiesbaden. The store is open for you as usual. We will keep you up to date on developments in this section.

At Henkell Freixenet, “Celebrate Life” is more than just a motto – it’s something we put into practice in everything we do. We are part of every celebration – this is the mission we love to share. People around the world raise a glass of our sparkling wines every day – on occasions and at events both great and small. At our Henkell Freixenet headquarters in Wiesbaden, we host events all year round to celebrate life with you. You may have already heard of our Sparkling Wine Day, read about the legendary Sparkling Wine Night or been given a tip about a concert or vernissage at Henkell Freixenet in Wiesbaden. In the following section, we have put together information on our Henkell Freixenet events – all in keeping with our “Celebrate Life” motto. Enjoy discovering our sparkling products as you raise a glass and celebrate life.

Ball of Sports Sparkling Wine Night

On July 15, 2022, nearly 600 guests celebrated sports at Henkell Freixenet's party gala. The benefit event in favor of Deutsche Sporthilfe took place on the eve of the 51st Ball des Sports, hosted by the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe in Wiesbaden.

In addition to exciting Q&A sessions with top athletes, the program offered plenty of reason to celebrate. With party music, rousing drums, lollypop dancers and heavenly voices, the dance floor shook all night long. 

Impressions of the glittering party gala of 2022 can be found here.



Sparkling Wine Day

After a two-year break, Henkell Freixenet finally welcomed visitors live on site again for its Sparkling Wine Day. This year, the company focused on the party outside. The gates were open on 07 May 2022 in fantastic weather from 11:00 to 19:00 - admission was free. Already at noon, the company premises on the picturesque cour d'honneur were filled with numerous visitors. In addition to many sparkling highlights, Henkell Freixenet offered a culinary and musical supporting program for all guests again this year.

Photos and videos can be viewed under the following links:


The 4-seasons-concerts at Henkell 2022/23

The 4-seasons-concerts at Henkell 2022/23

The traditional concert series at Henkell is now being relaunched. The tried and tested principle remains unchanged: Mostly young musicians who, with their talent, are already celebrated as the "stars of tomorrow" The concept of the 4 seasons, however, is new and as simple as it is memorable. There is one concert per season, and one completely new musical genre per concert. A classical concert kicks things off, followed by jazz and world music to celebrate the end of the season with unconventional sounds.

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Sparkling Wine Night

In October 2019, one of the highlights on the Wiesbaden events calendar took place: the Sparkling Wine Night in the marble hall at Henkell Freixenet. Here, 800 guests raised the roof together with live acts and DJs, raising glasses filled with Henkell sparkling wine, Alfred Gratien Champagne and Freixenet Cava.

For a photo gallery with many photos of our guests and the party, please visit:

Please note: We will unfortunately not be able to host the Sparkling Wine Night in 2021.  The next Sparkling Wine Night is scheduled to take place on 29 October 2022. We will keep you informed in this section.


Art and culture have an established home here at Henkell Freixenet. In cooperation with the Rother Winter gallery, we offer renowned artists an extraordinary setting for their exclusive works here in Wiesbaden. Using unusual materials and techniques, the artists delight visitors with their latest works, all of which are centred around one theme: Black & White. Click here for a virtual tour:

Download the flyer for the Black & White vernissage here: PDF-Flyer

Your wedding at Henkell Freixenet

Celebrate the happiest day of your life in the grand, elegant and sparkling surroundings of Henkell Freixenet, and have your wedding at the magnificent main building of our winery in Wiesbaden. Your civil ceremony will take place in the “Freixenet Saal”, our marble hall inside the building. There is space for up to 50 wedding guests here. Please bear in mind that access to the hall is not wheelchair-friendly. After the ceremony, we will be happy to host your wedding reception, including sparkling wine or champagne, as well as finger foods, if desired. Would you like to spend some more time with us? Why not book a tour of our winery for your wedding guests? At the same time, you may use our magnificent marble hall, the picturesque cour d’honneur, or the adjacent Henkell Park for a romantic wedding photo shoot.

You will find all the necessary information (costs, wedding dates, reservations, package offers etc.) summarised here in an overview.