The 4-seasons-concerts at Henkell 2023 -2024

The traditional concert series at Henkell continues with its new concept.

One musical style per season is the motto of the 4 seasons concerts at Henkell. 

In March, a jazz band heralds the start of the series. World music with Cuban sounds follows in June, to be followed by unconventional cross over music in September - be curious. Just in time for Christmas, our traditional classical concert will follow. It pays to be quick, because the hall sells out fast!

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Friday March 15th 2024 - Jazz
Matthias Schwengler

With "Soulcrane" Matthias Schwengler presents a sound body that brilliantly understands how to bring retro feeling and new approaches under one hat.

On their third album "Soulcrane & Strings" (Mons Records) the musicians once again work together compositionally on a sonic work and always remain on a chamber music level with the warm character of this music. An atmosphere is created that resembles a conversation among friends. Soulcrane convinces with an almost familiar personality and illustrates how haunting especially the quiet tones can be. Each instrument has equal rights and the four musicians from Cologne always know how to fill the large playing space with musical value. Together they appear quite naturally as a collective and radiate great harmony and inner peace.

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Friday June 14th 2024 - Open Air World Music
Ecos de Siboney

The official successors of the world famous Buena Vista Social Club musician, Compay Segundo!

Máximo Francisco Repilado Muños, better known as Compay Segundo, was the world famous musician of the Buena Vista Social Club and composer of the world famous song "Chan Chan". Even at the proud age of 94, he could still be seen on the world's great stages.

For almost 20 years, his grandsons Ernesto, Leonardo and Alejandro Repilado have been honoring their grandfather in a musical way. From Compay they have learned how to play the traditional son authentically. He himself wanted his "poetry set to music" - as he liked to call his compositions - to continue to be interpreted in his spirit. And so Compay personally commissioned Ecos De Siboney to officially designate them as his successors. (This was even published on a CD track on "Saludo Compay").

Thus was born the group that quickly became popular. For their albums, Ecos de Siboney has already received the "Premio Lucas" twice in Cuba and were nominated for the "Premio Cubadisco", the Cuban Grammy, in the category "Musica tradicional". Their video "Me dirás que sabroso" was also awarded in the category "Musica tradicional".

The group keeps the traditional Son Cubano alive and has also written successful hits with their own compositions, such as "Tengo un Son", which are interpreted and played worldwide. This is exactly what their grandfather's idea was from the beginning - Compay Segundo! "Somos los herederos" (We are your heirs).

In their live performances they play many compositions by Compay Segundo, such as "Chan Chan", "Las Flores de la Vida", "El Camisón de Pepa", "Orgullecida", "Macusa" and "La Guantanamera". But of course they also present their own repertoire.

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Friday September 13th 2024 - Cross Over
MoZuluArt // Start 19.30

When the three gentlemen from Zimbabwe were still hopeful adolescents on the dusty streets of Bulawayo, listening to traditional sounds, but also to the pop hits of local greeters such as Ilanga, Lovemore Majaivana, Fanyana Dube or Solomon Skhuza, they could not imagine that there was anything like "classical music" anywhere in the world. It was only when they were teenagers, walking in the big department stores of the city or passing by a hotel, that they heard "this strange music that was played up and down and somehow sounded rather dull and slow". At that time they had no idea that one day they would rearrange exactly this "dull, slow" music, add new lyrics and sing it themselves ...

Roland Guggenbichler, on the other hand, wasted large parts of his youth practicing the piano and imitating the Beatles with his first teenage band. This only changed when he joined the Upper Austrian group Rica Salsa, which played Afro-Cuban sounds. The new sounds and rhythms fascinated the young Roland, but it took him a few more years to discover that African music does not only consist of the well-known "ndungundungu" drums, but has many other forms and styles to offer.

If Mozart were alive today, he would surely be proud of the meeting of two cultures under the banner of his music - and probably also of the fact that a surprised audience nodded their heads and moved their feet in time to his famous compositions, almost like in an ethno-disco.

Positive first reactions from critics, fan and record companies indicate quite clearly that the young project MoZuluArt has a bright future ahead of it. Or, in the words of the great Muhammad Ali, "If you think the world was surprised when Nixon resigned, wait till I kick George Foreman's behind." ("If you think Nixon's resignation surprised the world, just wait until I kick George Foreman's behind.")

And how surprised will you be when MoZuluArt finally takes over the world?

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Friday December 13th 2024- Classic
Øsimun Quartett // Start 19.30 Uhr

Øsimun Quartet is a young group of saxophonists who want to express their own language through chamber music. Members Maria Bel Serra (soprano saxophone), Fátima Alcázar (alto saxophone), Inés González (tenor saxophone) and Ricard Martínez (baritone saxophone) are currently based between Maastricht (Netherlands) and Cologne (Germany).
They are a versatile group that covers a wide repertoire. On the one hand, they delve into the original repertoire for saxophone quartet. For example, they were able to premiere the Concerto for saxophone quartet and wind ensemble by David Maslanka in the Netherlands.

They are also working on transcriptions of other ensembles by the group's baritone saxophonist Ricard Martínez. Finally, they are very interested in collaborating with young composers that can lead to the creation of new works for this ensemble, which has led them to collaborate with composers such as Jithu Bas, Nikolas Agrafiotis or Joan Pérez Villegas.

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