Assuming responsibility with an eye to the future

As the the world’s leading sparkling wine producer, we here at Henkell Freixenet are aware of our economic, social and ecological responsibility. When it comes to making business decisions, we focus on sustainability, not short-term solutions; act decisively, not hesitantly; and look towards the future, not back. In the past years, sustainability has gained increasing importance for our international Henkell Freixenet team. For us, sustainability has long ceased to be an abstract term and instead has become an established part of our daily work. On our path to becoming a consistently sustainable company, we have already achieved our first successes – and are well aware that new challenges await us in this field, every day. That’s why we here at Henkell Freixenet are currently developing a sustainability strategy that will link our behaviour and actions and translate them into concrete, measurable targets.

When we talk about sustainability, a wealth of different aspects are close to the hearts of everyone here at Henkell Freixenet – including climate protection. As we have nature to thank for a substantial share of the commodities we use in our products, we depend upon healthy soil, predictable rainfall and overall stable climatic conditions. Based on the experiences we made during the coronavirus pandemic – among other reasons – we have also started to adapt the way we travel and are reducing business trips substantially. Thanks to the pragmatism and dedication of the Henkell Freixenet team, these challenging times have given rise to many innovative ideas on how we can shape our daily lives more sustainably as a company. To reinforce our efforts and join the global battle against climate change, we are currently developing concrete emission reduction targets – after all, this is part of our corporate responsibility and has been embedded in our values here at Henkell Freixenet. For a future worth living – together.