Assuming responsibility with an eye to the future

Our high standards in terms of quality and craftsmanship paired with our strong brand portfolio are what make Henkell Freixenet the world’s leading manufacturer of sparkling wines and a successful provider of wines and spirits. In over 150 countries, our brands fill people with joy and invite them to celebrate life. “Celebrate life” is more than just our motto – it represents pure zest for life and inspires us to do our best every day – and has done so for our entire company history, which will soon exceed 200 years. Building on these experiences, we focus on sustainability, not short-term solutions; act decisively, not hesitantly; and look towards the future, not back. On our path to becoming a consistently sustainable company, we are on our way to success – and are well aware that new challenges await us in this field, every day. That’s why we here at Henkell Freixenet are currently developing a sustainability strategy that will combine our behaviour and actions and translate them into concrete, measurable targets.

When we talk about sustainability, a wealth of different aspects are close to the hearts of everyone here at Henkell Freixenet – including reducing our carbon footprint, manufacturing our products in a way that conserves resources, and our social engagement worldwide. On our path to becoming a consistently sustainable company, we have established a dedicated department for sustainability that is currently developing an extensive group-wide strategy. At the same time, we have already launched several national projects to fulfil our ecological and social responsibility, for example by using photovoltaics. We want to continue to promote a shared future worth living – both nationally and internationally.
Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done. All in all, this is part of our corporate responsibility and is embedded in our values here at Henkell Freixenet: for a future worth living – together.

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