Our values

How do we think, work and act here at Henkell Freixenet? What do we stand for as a company, what characterises the way we treat one another? We have asked ourselves these very questions, and many more. We have anchored the answers in our values – and not just on paper: we have transported them into our daily lives, embedding these values in our corporate culture. They determine how we treat our colleagues, business partners, and last, but certainly not least, our customers and consumers around the world. We believe that, as an international company, we here at Henkell Freixenet have more than just economic responsibility: we have social responsibility as well.


We cherish and respect colleagues and enable each other to become our own masters of success. We have interesting challenges and opportunities to grow for everybody.


We believe in curiosity - the thirst for new ideas, new solutions, new ways of working and to leverage opportunities. These new solutions may have entrepeneurial risks. Sometimes this leads to failure, which we accept as a learning. There is no fear of failure.


All our thinking and acting starts with the consumer. Our brands, products and processes must satisfy changing consumers needs. For this we have to be creative, open-minded and think differently.


We provide that moment of sparkle to celebrate life's big and small moments. And this sparkle is something we cultivate in our work environment as well.