New "Celebrate Life" study 2022: majority optimistic about the holidays


New "Celebrate Life" study 2022: majority optimistic about the holidays

Henkell Freixenet and YouGov examine the enjoyment of people in five countries

Christmas and New Year's Eve are considered high season for enjoyment and joie de vivre. But what does consumer sentiment really look like this year? Do global crises and the difficulties of recent years influence the festive desire to enjoy? How do people feel about the attitude to life in their own country and how expectant do they look to the year 2023? The sparkling wine specialist Henkell Freixenet is now getting to the bottom of these questions. Together with the market research institute YouGov, the company conducted the "Celebrate Life" study for the third time. A total of 7,544 people in the core markets of Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and the USA were surveyed. One of the most important findings: Compared to the two previous years, the mood in the countries surveyed has improved overall. People in Europe and the US are looking forward to the holidays, although there are some interesting country-specific differences.

• Back to enjoyment: People in Europe and the USA can enjoy life more again – Spain has the greatest increase in joie de vivre

• Good prospects: Four out of five countries are positive for 2023 – the UK tends to be somewhat more pessimistic

• Attitude to life: Time together with friends and family is particularly important to the majority during the holidays

• Anticipation: Majority of consumers are looking forward to Christmas and want to celebrate "like before"

• It can tingle: All agree, nothing beats a glass of sparkling wine for celebration, but each market still favours their own bubbles – 43% of Germans are planning to ring in the New Year with Sekt, French consumers remain loyal to Champagne (50%), while Spaniards would pick Cava (56%).

Wiesbaden, 6 December 2022. Indulgent buyers: The current "Celebrate Life" study paints an overall positive picture in terms of joie de vivre. Although partly cautious, people in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and the USA seem to be more optimistic about the future. In concrete terms, this means that across all countries, 50 percent of the participants were actually able to enjoy life in 2022. A significant increase compared to 2021 (46%) and 2020 (31%). Spain in particular (60%) stands out clearly in this respect, with an increase of 7% compared to the previous year. Thus, the Spaniards record the highest value of all countries. It is followed by France with 53%. And what about the Germans? Only 43% of them said they were able to enjoy life in the "Celebrate Life" study. After a break in 2021, the USA participated in the study this year again. Here, 51% of people were able to enjoy life in 2022.

"Sparkling wine and champagne stand for enjoyment and joie de vivre, and so we are very interested in the state of mood in the most important consumer countries," says Dr. Andreas Brokemper, CEO of Henkell Freixenet. "And it is noticeable that the Corona pandemic two years ago had a much stronger impact on the sentiment than war, inflation and the energy crisis this year. In addition, for almost every second person, good food and drink are part of a pleasurable life, and the corks continue to pop on New Year's Eve, whether in society or as a couple."

The assessment of one's own compatriots is also interesting. Around 42% of Spaniards think that life in their country is thoroughly enjoyed. In the previous year, only 28% of them believed this. Astonishingly, only 14% of Germans and Britons share this conviction. Future ahead: In 2021 it was still 62%, this year 55% of people believe in an enjoyable new year.


Joie de vivre means: shared moments with family and friends

In addition to the general mood in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and the USA, the "Celebrate Life" study is particularly interested in the general understanding of joie de vivre and enjoyment in the five countries. The survey shows that central core elements make up people's attitude to life. As in previous years, "meaningful moments" play a decisive role. Overall, spending time together with family and friends takes first place (56%). Especially the British (65%) and the French (60%) find this kind of moments of enjoyment important, less relevant is family time for the Germans (44%). In second place for all countries as a whole is to have time for yourself (47%). Only in Germany is it the other way around. Finally, good food and drinks ranks third among the factors for enjoyment of life with 41%. Surprisingly, the French find culinary moments the least important (32%). And being in the great outdoors (38%) and having time together (35%) are also part of an enjoyable life.


Enjoyment in a small circle is still the order of the day

Compared to 2021, there was also a preference for moments of enjoyment to happen at home. This applies to a romantic dinner for two (27% at home vs. 16% away) as well as a glass with friends (26% vs. 23%) or a good meal with friends and/or family (35% vs. 25%). Especially the French seem to feel comfortable in their own four walls. 35% of them do this over a glass with friends or a nice meal with the clique or family (47%). Spaniards are more likely to experience such pleasures outside over a drink with friends (41%) or a meal with friends or family (35%).

This result is also reflected in the planning of the New Year's Eve festival. 58% of respondents celebrate New Year's Eve in pairs with their partner and 29% in a small circle with friends.


This is how Christmas 2022 is enjoyed

Although the situation around the world is currently difficult, the anticipation of Christmas remains unchanged for 48% of all participants. The British and Americans (55%) are most eagerly awaiting the holidays. France brings up the rear with 34%. It is noteworthy that only a few respondents (26%) in all countries let the numerous crises spoil their anticipation of Christmas. Longing for normality: 67% of people want to celebrate Christmas "as usual" again this year, compared to only 43% in 2020 – most often in Spain in 2022 (74%).

How do we want to spend the holidays? A question that people in all participating countries will be asking themselves in 2022. The most important thing about Christmas for respondents is the company of family and/or friends (72%). And so Christmas Eve in a familiar round is also the most common choice: Most participants would like to spend the festivities with their close family (75%). The clear majority of Spaniards (82%) do not miss a family Christmas. Germans are less sociable – after all, 68% of them plan Christmas with their loved ones. The situation is similar at a celebration with friends. This variant is planned for 32% of Spaniards, 33% of Americans but only 16% of Germans. Christmas alone under the tree? In fact, only 19% of all respondents can imagine this – most often Americans (29%).

What should not be missing at Christmas? Good food and drinks are a must-have for 61% of all participants. Germans in particular (67%) appreciate culinary delights during the holidays. 56% of the people surveyed would like to enjoy peace and contemplation at Christmas. For Germans, this is just as important (70%) as being together with family and friends. This is followed by reflection on traditions (41%) and Christmas presents (51%).


To celebrate on New Year's Eve, nothing beats a glass of sparkling wine

New Year's Eve can come! Only 23% of all participants are looking forward to the turn of the year. In 2020, this was still the case for 41% of people. And while Christmas is the celebration of the family, New Year's Eve is celebrated this year mainly in a smaller circle. 58% of respondents celebrate with their partner, 29% with friends. Only 19% of the participants let it crash at a real New Year's Eve party. Especially the French (34%) are looking forward to an exuberant party evening. Only 10% of Germans can gain something from such a New Year's Eve pleasure.

For many people it is and remains tradition – on numerous occasions is toasted with tingling. Across all countries, respondents prefer to drink a glass of sparkling wine with their family on festive occasions – especially the French (55%). The French (42%) and Spaniards (32%) also like to make it tingle at parties and celebrations. Among Americans, sparkling wine may be enjoyed at casual get-togethers (22%). Sparkling wine also likes to accompany a good meal, as in France (25%), Spain (22%) or Great Britain (21%).

With this joy of sparkling wine, it is not surprising that 46% of all respondents will welcome the New Year 2023 with a glass of sparkling wine – including 8% with the alcohol-free version. Especially the Spaniards seem to be in a champagne mood. A total of 75% of them toast at the turn of the year with the sparkling drink.

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